Ana, Stopper of Labor

(post from my wife Eunsil)

So I am awakened to a bit stronger contractions at 1:30am and can’t go to sleep fully due to multiple bathroom trips and contractions.  Finally around 5:30am I am beginning to feel back ache and pretty strong contractions.  I am like, ‘yay!’ finally i get to have this baby before Mitch goes to South Africa!

Mitch preached in the morning.  Afterwards Mitch and my dad were to meet a couple people for follow-up meeting at 6:30am–so they were gone.  My mom usually stays at church till 9am–so she was gone.  I am trying to get some sleep downstairs on the couch b/c I had a sleepless night.  In case this was the real labor, didn’t want to be too tired for it.

Backache was getting more strong and I was beginning to wish someone would come back…i.e. my hubby.  But he later told me P. Cho wanted to talk to him after Mitch’s appointment was done.  In the meantime the girls woke up by 7am and asked for breakfast.  Thankfully I had already made some breakfast casserole.  Told Elise to serve herself and Ana and stayed put on the couch, b/c the backache was getting worse.

Afterwards the girls got ready for school complete with backpacks and raincoats.  Elise and Ana usually go to the bus stop together and Ana sends Elise off and comes back home to work on things with me, b/c she is in the afternoon class.  She doesn’t get on her bus till 12:28pm.

But she didn’t come back.

I think to myself, ‘Ok.  She is just dilly dallying in the front yard raking leaves…'(which she does some times). But more time pass.

I think, ‘OK.  Maybe she already came back when I dozed off and is playing upstairs…'(Which she does some times).  So I yell out “ANA!!!”  No answer.

I finally pull off my whale like body off the couch and look at the bus stop where they were standing 10 min ago.

NO sign of kids…despite all my yelling of names.

Panic. I call Mitch to look for Ana and then I head to school and call school to see if she got on the bus with Elise.The office lady also panics and says she’ll call the bus company.I get to school and go in the office.

And there she is.

Sitting calmly with her pink rain jacket and pink backpack and her new running shoes I just got her yesterday.

The office ladies and the principal tells me that she went to her usual class after getting off the bus and that’s how they found her.They look amused and slightly concerned more about this huffing prego lady about to go into labor.

As I walk back with Ana to the car, I am relieved, confused, and yet still freaked out by the whole thing. And my labor seems to have stopped as a result of all this adrenaline rush.

Thanks, Ana.

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