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Licorice, Liquor Stores and Place

            The licorice jar was gone. As I walked into Bel Shore Liquors in Long Beach, California, a wave of nostalgia crashed through the busyness of my schedule. I had not been here since 1979. The … Continue reading

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Life is Relationships: Thoughts from our C&MA Gathering in Southern California

I just finished a whirlwind of four days, gathering with eight other English ministry pastors and about seventy other Korean ministry pastors in the C&MA in Irvine, California. We are serving all over the country, and our common bond of … Continue reading

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Finishing Well: Blameless at the Coming of Christ

When guests visit our home, we usually do a whirlwind cleaning of our home. We vacuum, we dust, we clean, we pick up the mess in a whirlwind. Thankfully we can hide things in certain places where guests will not … Continue reading

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