Musings from April 20: Twirling Beachballs




I hate it when the beach ball on my computer keeps twirling.  When you open multiple programs, then the beach ball twirls for longer and longer until those programs are fully processed. While I want the programs to execute, it never seems to move as quickly as I desire!  But when I try to rush things, it makes it take more time. I’ve learned to let the beach ball twirl.  Currently our church “computer” has its beach ball twirling in the midst of a number of significant changes that are processing. Over the next few weeks, I want to explore a few of these.

One significant issue that is “twirling” is determining our name. Our Naming Task Force (Bryan K, Holland H, Jenn H, Eunsil K, Jane L, Allison S) has received over 200 responses from their survey, and they have also conducted listening meetings at Collide, Second Sunday lunch, home groups from all congregations, college students, youth, children, missionaries, and people from all age groups. As a result, they found a general openness for a new name that would emphasize our unity across congregations and representative of the new reality toward which we are moving forward. This new name should follow logically out of a sense of where the church is going and doing in our communities, both locally and globally, yet without a “trendy” feel. A small percentage of people felt an importance to keep either “Living Water” or “Blanchard” in the name, and a sizable (though not significant) percentage of respondents felt that “Blanchard” had too much history to be let go as a name.

Over the next few weeks, we will hear directly from the Naming Task Force as they summarize their findings and spell out what qualities we are looking for in a name. They are also welcoming concrete name suggestions, and they would continue to welcome any other ideas or thoughts that people might have. Also they will hold listening meeting at our last Collide dinner of this academic year  They will submit a few name suggestions (with rationale) to the Governing Board by the second week of May, and the Governing Board will present one suggested name for the church to affirm before its Annual Meeting on June 12. In preparation for that Annual Meeting, our leaders will share information and be available for questions at a Townhall on Sunday, May 22.  Please share any thoughts that you might have so that we might hear from you! Most importantly, please be in prayer that our hearts might be unified as we walk through this process together.

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