Simple Structures



About a month ago, one of our recently married couples posted on Facebook: “After four hours at the bank combining moneys, I guess we are finally married! #getmeouttahere”. While the couple had been married for six months, they were now finalizing the boring, time-consuming but necessary paperwork to become “finally married.”

Similarly, the Merger Task Force has been working for the last few months on the boring but necessary paperwork to become “finally married.”  Last week we began to explore the steps that we have to move forward in our merge together. By our Annual Meeting on June 12, we need: (1) a name, (2) simple structures, (3) a trusted and diverse leadership team, (4) to build on the past as we move into the future, and (5) to step out in scary and risky faith. Today we will explore the simple structures needed. Today’s reflections will build on and borrow from the words of the great Sue J., the leader of our Merger Task Force. Humor and insight, unless otherwise noted, should be attributed solely to Sue!

Simple Structures. For the past six months, we have kept two bank accounts and two legal entities. This has created an extra amount of headache for our volunteers and staff working with the finances, so we need to bring these two entities together. The Governing Board and Merger Task Force sought the advice of Rev. Jon Rich, our Midwest District Superintendent, as well as the Vice President of Church Ministries, Dr. Dan Wetzel. Both have overseen many situations where two churches have come together and strongly recommended that both churches be closed and a new church be opened. They felt that this path forward was critical for our continued spiritual vitality.

In a recent prayer, Phil V reminded us that whether we are viewing legal documents, counting offering, teaching children, reaching out to those who have needs, or preparing a sermon, the real work of our church is to make the invisible God visible and expose the world to the living God. May we continue to make the living God visible in all that we do.

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