Digging Wells from the Past for the Future

1024px-ruby_lee_mill_site_well-e1390412150796Wellspring.  This past Sunday, our church members unanimously approved the dissolution of Living Water and Blanchard to form a new church, Wellspring Alliance Church. The current members of Living Water and Blanchard will become charter members for Wellspring. These are monumental, epochal shifts to mark “A New Day Together,” and we will officially operate as “Wellspring” beginning on Sunday, July 3.

Our “New Day Together” does not discard but builds on the past to move forward into the future. In Scripture, wells reminded of God’s faithfulness in the past to bring fresh water in the present. Water was a precious commodity in the arid climate of Palestine. When the patriarchs dug wells, they celebrated God’s provision in those places. Isaac deliberately dug Abraham’s wells to draw fresh water (Gen 26:18), as God’s promises to Abraham were passed to the next generation (cf. Gen 26:3–5). Similarly, we are digging wells from the past to move into the future— wells of Blanchard’s sacrificial dedication to mission and creative worship, wells from Living Water’s prayer and community, wells from Wheaton’s missionary zeal that inspired Jim Eliot, evangelistic zeal that produced Billy Graham and social activism that produced Jonathan Blanchard. Let’s dig these wells together to bring fresh water for our present.

On Sunday, October 2, we will celebrate the past— fifty years of Blanchard, ten years of Warrenville, five years of Living Water. We honor those who have gone before us, humbly recognizing how the momentum of our present flows from the sacrificial dedication of our past. On that Sunday evening, we will publicly launch Wellspring Alliance Church, publicly declaring our new identity together as we build on the past to press into our future.

We dig wells from the past because we desire fresh water for our present. We see the rapid diversification of our area. We grieve the tragic massacre in Orlando Florida. We realize the brokenness of the world around us. We cry to God for mercy. We join Habakkuk’s prayer: “O Lord, I have heard of your fame; I stand in awe of your deeds, O Lord.  Renew them in our day, in our time make them known; in wrath remember mercy” (Hab 3:2). We pray that the grace that He has lavished in the past would be released afresh. We cry out to the Lord together that He might renew his work in our day, at this time, in this place, for His glory. It will not do to do what was done in the past in this new season. The winds of revival do not have to be limited to India, China, and parts of Africa. We cry out to the Lord — do it again Lord! Do it here Lord! Let us build on the past to move forward into the future.

How do we move forward? We move forward with risky faith, the topic that we will explore next week.

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