Advent: Came to Reward (Luke 19:11–27)


It is easy to take gifts for granted. Even though the gift of salvation and the blessings of heaven are free, we still have a responsibility to steward those gifts. How do we steward the lavish and abundant gifts of God? Jesus came to reward those who steward those gifts well as well as to judge those who neglect those gifts or oppose the giver. How do we prepare for the coming of the One who came to reward?

First, we live lives for which we shall give an account (Luke 19:11–15). As Jesus nears Jerusalem, He tells a story of a nobleman who gives gifts to his servants (19:12–13) and then returns to demand an account (19:15). Similarly, Jesus is returning to Jerusalem to demand an account of Israel, whose rebellion will bring judgment (cf. Luke 19:43–44). Also, Jesus will return once again in glory to demand an account from all of God’s people. Though His coming may be delayed, He will come, and we will give an account.

As a result, faithfulness matters (Luke 19:16–24). In the parable, each of the servants is entrusted with a mina, but they steward it in different ways. Those who have been faithful with little will be entrusted with much, while those who hide their mina in fear see even that taken away. What we do matters.

Finally, we will be rewarded according to faithfulness (Luke 19:25–27). While everybody receives equal gifts, everybody does not receive equal reward. Reward is based on how we have stewarded these gifts. This idea feels quite foreign to us. The nobleman takes away the mina of those who have not been faithful and gives it to those who have been faithful. When Jesus comes to judge and reward, He will judge according to our works (John 5:29; Rev 20:13). What we do matters — both for now and eternity. And we will be rewarded for our faithfulness.

Jesus did not only come to heal and save, but He also came to reward. Even though His coming might be delayed, He will surely come. And we will receive reward for how we have stewarded the things entrusted to us. May we be good stewards knowing that He has come to reward.



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