Jesus: Lord of Life



Pringles taste great but don’t satisfy. Similarly when we look for life in the wrong places, we feel like we ate Pringles for dinner.  Instead we must look for life in the Source of life. If Jesus is the Lord of Life, then what does it look like when we go to Him?  Without His life flowing in us, we are reduced to a pointless questioning (27:27–33), but His life enables us to live by faith (27:34–40) and with confidence (27:41–44).

First, we see the pointless questioning of those who lack His life (27:27-33). If the Sadducees deny the resurrection (27:27), why do they ask an elaborate question about the resurrection (27:33)?  Because they lack abundant life flowing inside of them, they are busy trying to score points before others. This elaborate question about seven brothers dying poses a theoretical (and silly) conundrum, especially for those who don’t believe in the resurrection. Similarly we often engage in endless and pointless activity when we do not abound with the life that is found in Christ.

However, His life enables us to live by faith (27:34–40). Jesus contrasts “the sons of this age” who “marry and are given in marriage” (27:34) with those who “attain to that age and to the resurrection” who “neither marry nor are given in marriage” (27:35). Those of “that age” are not defined by marriage, and they can live for something greater than the temporal pleasures, however great, of marriage. Without a resurrection, our greatest hope is that our name will endure through our posterity. Because of the resurrection, our hope is found in something greater. We can live by faith since the dead are raised. We worship the “God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.”  He is the God not of the dead but of the living. And therefore we live by faith, even in the face of disappointment. As Moses saw this living God, then he could live by faith as well.

Also, resurrection life helps us live with confidence (27:41–44). Jesus points to an interesting passage in Psalm 110:1. While Christ is seen as David’s son, David calls Christ the Lord in this passage. While “Lord” can simply be an earthly master, this is how God is described throughout the OT. This verse suggests that Christ existed before David as God. Just as David could have confidence as king because of the victory won by his Lord, so we who believe in Christ can have confidence because of the victory won by our Lord. No matter the challenge before us, we can face that challenge with confidence because of the One who has overcome.

So what?  Our life is found in Christ and in Him alone. May we find our life in Him alone.

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