Moving Forward


Last week we reflected on some core convictions that we have in forming Wellspring. Today I want to offer some reflections from our time with the Governing Board to see how those convictions are being worked out.

Christ does build his church through our small steps of obedience. We have had many new attendees and visitors; it seems that every week I meet new people in our church. People praying for their neighbors have had them not only come to church but also join their home group. People are increasingly serving as gifted in the children’s ministry and elsewhere. People feel thankful and fed on Sundays. The number of home groups is increasing. On Saturday, I met with over thirty home group leaders and could feel how deeply they were caring for people in our midst.  God has given us a refreshing sense of dependence  as we walk forward with open hands.

Also, we have grown in our diversity and unity. We stepped into difficult conversations about the realities of division in our nation and our church. Cross-cultural friendships are building across generational and ethnic lines. The other is not just a “race” but has a name, and the power of friendship is breaking down stereotypes.  As needs come up in the church, we are finding resources in other parts of the church to meet those needs. As a church we hosted the funeral of John Ruatpia, a five year old boy killed in a car accident. Our church had hosted this family when they arrived as refugees in America, and we provided space and blessing for hundreds from the Burmese community supporting the family at the funeral. This unity is not only seen in our ministry to the community but also in our relationships and support for one another.

We are also becoming an epicenter of prayer, vision, strategy and evangelism. Prayer meetings are becoming an indispensable part of people’s weekly rhythms. We are seeing God’s healing hand in families, upon sick bodies, and in relationships. A strong prayer foundation is being laid in the church. People are stepping into the needs of our community together.

Much more can be said. But for now, let us simply give thanks for what God is doing in our midst. Next we will discuss some of the weakness and opportunities that we see before us.

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One Response to Moving Forward

  1. anne sullivan says:

    What a great summary here! So true…people are being fed, and then they are stepping into their communities with that aroma of Christ mentioned in 2Cor2:15. So grateful for Mitch and many others.

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