Warrenville Update

Some of you may not know that we have a campus in Warrenville also!  It was launched in 2006 with a number of families from Blanchard Wheaton, and today our campus pastor Steve Hands will share about the blessing of our partnership:

This year has been an excellent year for creative partnerships between our Warrenville and Wheaton campuses. Our staff really dove into our multi-campus reality. Pastors Mitch and Steve worked hard together on our joint sermon series so our whole Wellspring family could be united under the same teaching. James Lee poured himself out into student ministries in both campuses Sunday after Sunday, and on Wednesday and Friday evenings. Debra Mason stepped in and supported our early childhood ministries, and our early childhood leaders helped Debra establish a unified early childhood curriculum across our campuses. Cheryl Baird brought EQUIP leaders John Walton and Scottie May to bless both of our campuses this year and trained small group leaders for both campuses. As three congregations we joined together for some of our most powerful times of worship during our joint services in our Anniversary celebration in October, as well as Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. If this year is any indication, we should all be excited for the ways we’ll continue to grow together across campuses in worship, mission, and discipleship!

This has also been a great year for growth in our kids ministries. Our students and kids continue to be an integral part of worship leadership in Warrenville, with kids leading us in vocals and instruments on Sunday mornings. For the first time we put together a kids Christmas play, which the kids knocked out of the park! And this year we grew our early childhood ministry to the point where split infants from toddlers, creating a better environment for both teachers and kids. So many people stepped up and into leadership to help that happen. We have students serving as ushers and as jr. shepherds with early childhood. Our kids and students certainly aren’t waiting to grow up and be a part of the church; they’re blessing us by serving and leading now!

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