T Minus Ten Seconds

By Debra Mason

Have you ever heard of the term “T minus 10 seconds”?  It is typically used in context of a rocket launch.  For me, it signified the time before the ministry year would begin for Wellspring Kids 2016.   Literally, I had T minus three weeks, what would God do?

God unified children’s ministry birth-4th grade around the Gospel Project in Wheaton and Warrenville.  Jessica Hands played a crucial role in helping me pinpoint this curriculum.  When I asked her point-blank, “Why do you like it?”  She said, “It sticks close to the Word of God.”

God brought caring, invested and dedicated leaders for all levels (birth-6th grade). I thank God for each of these leaders who trusted God to help them.  They provided an important consistency that is so needed in kid’s ministry.

God used His Word and willing hearts to grow His people, especially, His people who I call, “The church under three feet.”

Here are some tangible examples.

God raised up two kindergartners and a first grader to be leaders during the worship time.  Esther Jo,  a college student leader at the 9 a.m. service creatively came up with actions for some of our worship songs.  The children who attended the 9 a.m. ministry time learned these motions and at the 11 a.m. service taught other children.

On another Sunday, while doing a “build the wall” relay with cardboard bricks, (Nehemiah 4-7), a child turned to me and remarked, “Jesus is watching us.”

Preschool children were led in hymns and songs of the faith.

All children were prayed for regularly by the leaders.

Children were invited to lead in prayer after the Bible story time.  Several children came forward to pray.

Bible storytellers creatively and prayerfully presented the Word of God.

Despite the daunting nature of the phrase “T minus”, God, somehow, turned that countdown into something which yielded fruitful and beautiful results for the year in ministry at Wellspring.

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One Response to T Minus Ten Seconds

  1. anne sullivan says:

    Great post here, Debra. Thanks so much for the glimpse into things that most of us never see. May we all keep up the prayers for you and the teachers.

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