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Discerning Core Values and Our Upcoming Town Hall

Who is God calling Wellspring to be?  We have been in a discernment process around this since January. As an adolescent with rapid growth seeking to discern who he is supposed to be, so Wellspring has grown rapidly but continues … Continue reading

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After Easter, Now What?

What a celebration of Jesus’ death and resurrection this past weekend! I am so grateful for the beauty of the music — our string quartet, worship team and Easter choir all used their gifts to bring us into God’s presence … Continue reading

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Friendships and the Kingdom

“Greet Prisca and Aquila, my fellow workers in Christ Jesus” (Rom 16:3). Why do so many epistles end with a long list of boring names?  Would we not be better served if God’s Word focused only on clarifying doctrine and … Continue reading

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Stretching hearts, shoveling snow and deepening values

  Life is busy. We have appointments, responsibilities, practices, projects, piano lessons and nap times.  So do I.  Especially the nap times. But today is the first day of Missions Week. And in the midst of the busyness of your … Continue reading

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Others Over Self

      Christ calls us to a cross not a couch. Yet often we want Christ to do for us, believing that Jesus came to make us comfortable. Yet God did not send his one and only Son to … Continue reading

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Korean New Years, Cultures Collide and the Church

In Korean culture, New Year’s is a big deal. On New Year’s Day, families gather to eat dduk-gook (rice cake soup) and play games of yutt-nori together. But the climax of the gathering is when the children sebae (bow) to their parents and grandparents, bowing very … Continue reading

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Our Gift this Advent

During Advent we celebrate the gift of God’s Son to the world by giving gifts. As a church we will give the gift of a sent one into the world to shine the Light of the World in Indonesia. This … Continue reading

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