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Shootings, Calloused Hearts and Jesus

When I saw the news yesterday about the school shooting in northern California, I was not shattered. When 26 people were killed in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas last week, it felt was just another news story.  Not long … Continue reading

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Rising Up Against the Disorder of the World

How do we respond to the brokenness of our world? Theologian Karl Barth says, “To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.”  This past week I’ve been grieved by the … Continue reading

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Flower Bouquets, Grafting Tomatoes and Hamilton: Journeys in Multi-ethnicity

Encouraged. Inspired by a recent elders’ meeting, this word sums up my feelings recently. I’m encouraged to see how each of my daughters are uniquely blossoming. I’m encouraged to see the momentum, energy, conscientious service and hunger for God in our … Continue reading

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Jesus: Lord of Politics

Sometimes Christians want to separate their faith from their politics. After all, aren’t we supposed to separate church from state? But if Jesus is Lord of all, all includes politics! Even when government goes in a bad direction, Jesus remains … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks…even for elections

Thanksgiving sanctifies everything it touches — including presidential elections. Although the fissures of division in our nation run as fault lines through our diverse church, God’s Word can unite our diverse church during this season. Three thoughts from God’s Word … Continue reading

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The Gospel and Social Structures?

Let me begin with one thought.  The Lausanne Theology Working Group states the following: When we talk about “the world”, we cannot only think numerically about “all the people who live in the world”. We must think contextually about all … Continue reading

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