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Planting Grass or Pulling Weeds? Creativity in the Margins

  Are you proactive or reactive? Do you want to plant grass seed or pull weeds?   When I’m tired (or lazy), I find myself primarily reacting to problems or requests, endlessly pulling weeds for problems that come up. Yet … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas…and Happy New Year!!

  Knock. Knock. “Who’s there?”  Mary and Abby. “Mary and Abby who?”  Mary Christmas and Abby New Year!   On behalf of Eden and the entire Kim family, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy … Continue reading

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Grumbling and Gratitude on Vacation

Nothing is worse than grumbling on vacation. Last week, my family took my mother to St. Louis via Springfield. After visiting the Lincoln museum in Springfield, we drove down to St. Louis and checked into our hotel. Since it was still light, … Continue reading

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Lessons on Leadership from My Father: Leaving a Legacy

I returned recently from Japan for a memorial for my father who passed away seven years ago.  We also celebrated the release of his biography in English.   In reflecting on his life, I realize one lesson:  Leadership is not … Continue reading

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The Blessings of Technology and Childbearing

At 3:45 AM (Chicago time) on Thursday, Oct 21, Eunsil’s water broke. We swiftly got her to the hospital, and made sure she was situated. Only one person was physically missing from the scene. Me. I was only about ten … Continue reading

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Lessons from Disappointment

So I thought that I would be holding my third child in my hands by now. I’m not. I get on a plane to leave for South Africa in six hours. I wanted to have this child on Sunday. 10-10-10, … Continue reading

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Ana, Stopper of Labor

(post from my wife Eunsil) So I am awakened to a bit stronger contractions at 1:30am and can’t go to sleep fully due to multiple bathroom trips and contractions.  Finally around 5:30am I am beginning to feel back ache and … Continue reading

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