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Stretching hearts, shoveling snow and deepening values

  Life is busy. We have appointments, responsibilities, practices, projects, piano lessons and nap times.  So do I.  Especially the nap times. But today is the first day of Missions Week. And in the midst of the busyness of your … Continue reading

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A Church United Healing a Nation Divided

How can a church united be a force of healing in a nation divided? Two years ago when our churches merged, we felt called to reach the diversity of our area. Events in Charlottesville, Baltimore, Charleston, Chicago, Ferguson and other … Continue reading

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Gifts from Heaven and Starbucks

Recently, a dear man of God dropped by out of the blue and dropped off a gift from heaven and a gift from Starbucks. From Starbucks came two cookies that could be savored with a cup of strong black coffee. … Continue reading

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Planting Grass or Pulling Weeds? Creativity in the Margins

  Are you proactive or reactive? Do you want to plant grass seed or pull weeds?   When I’m tired (or lazy), I find myself primarily reacting to problems or requests, endlessly pulling weeds for problems that come up. Yet … Continue reading

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Simply Working (Col 3:22–4:1)

Jesus Christ is Lord of all — of Monday through Saturday as well as Sunday, of salon, the school, and the soccer field as well as the sanctuary.  If Jesus is Lord of all, then his lordship affects our work. … Continue reading

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Simply Resting (Isaiah 56:1–8)

When I told Cheryl Baird that I would preach on rest, she said, “That’s like me preaching on cooking.” Ouch. Okay. I admit it. Sometimes I work too hard. But why do I push myself so hard? Sometimes it is … Continue reading

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Simply Giving (2 Cor 9:6–15)

We feel overwhelmed when we are over-worked, over-worried, over-burdened, and overly in debt. We long to live more simply and untangle the complicated web of our lives. How do we do so? We can only live simply when we trust … Continue reading

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