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Discerning Values

At Wellspring, we merged two different ways of doing church with Blanchard and Living Water. One church merger between an Anglo and African American church fell apart because one side did not realize how much they inadvertently assumed that their … Continue reading

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Light: God Dwells Amidst our Darkness (John 8:12)

Are you afraid of the dark? The worst thing about darkness is not knowing whether we will bump into a wall, step on a toy, or fall down a stair with each step. And while God calls us out of … Continue reading

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Stepping into the Mess

People are messy. When I was finishing my Ph.D., I wondered whether my primary vocation would be as a pastor in the church or a theologian in the academy. I knew that I’d always combine these identities, as a pastoral … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks vs. Grumbling

When we grumble we give power to the circumstance. When we give thanks, we receive power over the circumstance. Israel grumbled in the wilderness because of the hardship of their circumstances. As a result they never broke through the wilderness … Continue reading

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Shootings, Calloused Hearts and Jesus

When I saw the news yesterday about the school shooting in northern California, I was not shattered. When 26 people were killed in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas last week, it felt was just another news story.  Not long … Continue reading

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God Answers Prayer

God answers prayer. I have recently been so strengthened to see how God answers prayer, whether in church sanctuaries or hospital rooms. As we pray, God speaks through his Word into the concrete situations of people’s lives to give encouragement … Continue reading

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A View from My Seat

I have a great seat to see what God is doing through the church. Today I want to celebrate a few of the stories that I’m hearing. In our youth ministry, a non-Christian student struggled to feel loved.  At our … Continue reading

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