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Rising Up Against the Disorder of the World

How do we respond to the brokenness of our world? Theologian Karl Barth says, “To clasp the hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising against the disorder of the world.”  This past week I’ve been grieved by the … Continue reading

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Creation Formed (Genesis 1:1–13)

Even a secular world is haunted by God’s presence. A secular world explains everything in terms of natural, historical causes,demythologizing the miracles of the Bible, reducing revivals to the expression of historical forces and ministry success to marketing principles.[1] Yet … Continue reading

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Trellis and Vine

The organic growth of a vine must happen along with the structural development of a trellis; too much trellis hampers the growth of a vine, inadequate trellis prevents the flourishing of that vine. Similarly the organic growth of the church … Continue reading

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We are Refined (Aug 13 sermon summary)

by Pastor Steve Hands There’s a strange tendency in the church to plaster over our hurts and wounds, and pretend that everything is ok. Part of us fears what people would think of us if we gave voice to our … Continue reading

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Challenges of Community and Growth

Our Issue  As I listened to Phil Vischer’s message on community from Ephesians, I wondered, “So must the church return to his grandfather’s day in Muscatine, Iowa? Is that the answer?” He insightfully connected the struggles of the church to … Continue reading

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We are Praying (Eph 3:14–21). (Wheaton, August 6, 2017; Warrenville, Aug 13 sermon summary)

We want to do good. We really do! Our problem is usually not absence of desire but strength to do the good that we want. We want to love our neighbors, serve others, help the hurting, but we struggle simply … Continue reading

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We are Growing (Acts 6:1-7): Sermon Summary for 7/30 at Warrenville

By Steve Hands Who are we, and who are we called to be as a church? We are welcoming, connected, united, and servants. As we live out this reality, God will draw more and more people to trust in his … Continue reading

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